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Spring 2019 Issue One
Lorrie Owens
Continuing to be "Tactical" in Addressing Student Data Privacy
by Larry Fruth and Steve Smith

In 2015, the non-profit Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) was established to address the immediate, on the ground student privacy needs of school data stewards and marketplace providers  “tactically”. Formed after a year of research, outreach surveys, and one-onone conversations, the SDPC is now made up of thousands of schools, regional and state education agencies, and marketplace providers identifying common privacy issues and developing solutions that can be put in place at all levels of the education data continuum.

Now a global community, the SDPC continues its growth and development by responding to our members and project elected leaders. State Alliances continue to be formed each month driving interest from marketplace providers for their “seat at the, table.” The amount of sharing going on in the virtual calls for the three projects, Alliance leads, and the legal support firms has been great to see with a wealth of exchanges are taking place.

The SDPC is proud of the volunteer lead work done to date but VERY excited about 2019's maturation of the Community and its deliverables! A ton of development has been made, including revisions of the current SDPC Application and Digital Governance Tool, but another major area of development is occurring within the great work of the Global Education Privacy Standard (GEPS) group. We are thrilled with the “Privacy  By The Numbers…” graphic. Additional updates that include:


A tool allowing for an accurate depiction of a school’s applications in use, information about that applications usage, contract information, and the ability to do “in house” application management while at the same time allowing for internal/external application usage communications


• The “SDPC App” is growing daily with new schools using the registry to address their privacy needs.
• The V2 version of the App has been released. Check it out!


A framework for aligning a school’s privacy policies, strategic programming, training processes, and accountability mechanisms to support its digital tool ecosystem vision while minimizing its risks to student data privacy.


• The online tool is now being populated with student privacy effective practices as users generate and share new policies, procedures, trainings, etc.
• Members can access the tool at:


GEPS is a PK-20 global set of data privacy “rules” that can be aligned to contractual clauses as well as technical benchmarks to kickoff data exchanges from contracts. It is meant to address the “how” by implementing contracted terms then converting them to a pool of contract obligations. Finally they are matched to technical control benchmarks outlining the often-used “industry best standards” that really have never existed for PK-20 privacy.


The GEPS Task Force is finalizing the technical components of the SDPC benchmark set to be included in the Q1 release of A4L’s “Unity” Implementation Specification. This technical blueprint will allow end users and developers to clearly and securely identify those privacy expectations on how data management and sharing should be done and even verified.Besides the project updates, there is so much more going on to support your work. Some opportunities for you to leverage include:
• Are you headed to CoSN or ISTE this year? We are thrilled to partner with the Future of Privacy Forum to host no-cost “Privacy Boot Camps”. These privacy 101 sessions are a great way to get privacy novice data stewards a quick look at the political, operational, and on the ground privacy activities going on nationally.
• If you are way beyond the “novice” level and headed to CoSN, come celebrate with SDPC members! We are hosting an evening mixer and then day long SDPC workshop on April 4th. This is our Annual Meeting, held with the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community meetings so come ready to identify your “pain points” and join in on the sharing of this growing Community. End users and marketplace players get face to face, rolling up sleeves, and getting to the work!
• The SDPC has just published the 2019 call schedule, get involved! From monthly project updates to quarterly Alliance Leadership, plus Governance and Legal calls, there are many ways to get your support queries answered and leverage the work of the entire Consortium. The California Alliance, led by the great team at CETPA, has been instrumental in this growth and development of the SDPC. Not only have they paid the membership for the districts they support, their leadership is bringing more states to the community and driving marketplace providers to get their seat at the table. We are excited about California privacy language being the basis for the soon to be released “National Clause Set” already in use by seven other states. California and CETPA leading the way again!

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