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Spring 2019 Issue One
Lorrie Owens
President's Message by Lorrie Owens

I am humbled and honored to bring you greetings as the president of your California Educational Technology Professionals Association. CETPA represents some of the brightest, hardest working professionals in the state and, indeed, the country! Maybe you are the engineer who designs and maintains your LEA’s network, or the computer technician who supports the plethora of devices your users operate in their learning environments or in their jobs. You may be the programmer writing code for a new application designed to make your users more efficient. Perhaps you are the systems administrator monitoring the LEA’s network and ensuring all users are quickly and correctly provisioned. You may be your organization’s CALPADs administrator or computer operator supporting the financial system. You could also be the media specialist who ensures the audio/visual equipment in your classrooms and meeting centers are operational and accessible. There are so many other areas in which you may provide support:

telecommunications, multi-functions, network security, applications support, project management, web services, instructional technology integration, and more. You may be the manager in charge of all of these functions. Whatever our roles are in our respective organizations, we are the backbone of education. Technology used to be a nice addition to the learning environment, but it wasn’t essential. Today, every facet of the business of public education runs on the technology foundations we build and support. Yes, we are the ones in the background. Sometimes, the greatest compliment we get is hearing no complaints. We have put in many a long night, a weekend, or a holiday to ensure everything works. But there is something special about knowing kids are learning with the technology tools we support, teachers are being paid via systems we manage, VoIP systems, security systems, and a plethora of other systems operate on networks we build. Only a true educational technologist understands that special feeling.


As CETPA enters its 59th year, we do so with great pride because of what we have accomplished, but also great humility and determination because of all that is still left to do. You are served by a dedicated Board of Directors, representative of the rich diversity (gender, ethnic, and geographic) that is present and continually growing in our community. You are supported by a talented and innovative staff. We continue to expand and improve our professional development opportunities, led by our flagship CTO Mentor Program, now in its 13th year. We have partnered with K-12HSN to develop offerings in the TAPD program. Our regional groups continue to thrive, and we’re looking to expand them in underrepresented areas in our state. We continue to work for even more purchasing leverage by updating and expanding our licensing programs. We bring you timely information through our collaboration with the law firm Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost, LLP (F3). We trek to Sacramento several times a year with our partners from the Capitol Advisors Group (CAG) to lobby for legislation that will improve the educational technology experiences of California students.


The results of our efforts last year in Sacramento, where our annual conference was hosted, was $5,800 being donated to the Mustard Seed School for Homeless Children. We will donate to a charity this fall in Anaheim, where we will hold the 2019 conference. Our response to the Camp Fire, led by our treasurer Peter Skibitzki, resulted in the coordination and delivery of thousands of dollars of donated technology equipment to help rebuild the technology infrastructure destroyed in that horrible tragedy.


We are CETPA—strong and true to our mission —to lead, develop and support educational technologists and organizations to foster student success. As we continue to carry out our mission, I look forward to working with you, growing with you, and continuing to promote excellence in education through the support of technology. Although we may come across a bump or two in the road, let’s make 2019 yet another phenomenal year!

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