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CTO Mentor Program Qualifications

A successful candidate for the CTO Mentor Program should currently be involved in some facet of technology and employed by a public or private school, district, county or state organization.  Ideally, the application would include a nomination from the candidate’s superintendent or other individual from the candidate’s organization that demonstrates organizational support for the candidate’s participation in the program. The successful candidate will have experience in a professional setting (a minimum of four (4) years is preferred), a demonstrated expertise in technology (such as programming, system installation and management, e-rate or network management) and have or show potential in the following areas:

  • Written communications, including being able to submit by the deadline a well written, complete application along with a resume and nomination form
  • Oral communications, including presentations at professional development events and/or school board meetings, etc.
  • Leadership, including experience as a department leader or project manager, or in another leadership role
  • Human resource management, including experience supervising and evaluating staff
  • IT Customer Service: networking, servers, desktops, user support
  • Analytical abilities/logical thinking skills, including involvement with or management of large projects
  • Fiscal management, including experience developing or assisting with the development of a technology budget, experience with school finance or purchasing, categorical fund acquisition and/or contract procedures
  • Facilitation skills and people skills, including experience working with groups to engage them in activities such as planning, monitoring or problem-solving
  • Involvement in the K-12 community (CETPA, CUE, CASBO, ACSA, CoSN, ISTE, etc.)

In addition, the candidate should have a career objective to become a fully qualified CTO in K-12. Continued employment in K-12 throughout the program is required.


Each candidate must do all of the following to be successful:
  • Communicate consistently with your mentor
  • Complete all prerequisite assignments prior to each session
  • Attend all eight sessions and actively and constructively participate in class activities and discussions
  • Complete all assignments on time and receive a passing grade from the instructor
  • Complete class oral presentation as assigned
  • Build a professional portfolio with artifacts and reflections throughout the program
  •  Complete the final oral presentation as assigned
  •  Provide constructive feedback to the program

Mentor Qualifications

Mentors assist the candidate through the curriculum, evaluate work, and submit monthly progress reports.  A successful mentor candidate for the CTO Mentor Program should have the following qualifications:

  • Prefer at least 10 years experience as a leader in K-12 Technology
  • Currently holds a position as a leader in K-12 Technology
  • Hands-on experience with K-12 Technology
  • Holds a degree in business related field, CTO certification or demonstrated work experience
  • Commitment of time as needed to consult and review assignments with participants
  • Able to provide work study supervision to candidate in accordance with curriculum guidelines