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CITE has several valuable programs available to everyone. Our Educational Programs are done with strategic partnerships to ensure we deliver the most relevant information and curricula. Our Resource Programs seek to solve complex and urgent problems for schools.

The Chief Technology Officer training program produces qualified California school district CTOs. The program raises the bar for technology leaders and creates a community of support through mentorship and collaboration. The program also seeks to inform Superintendents and District Leaders of the importance of a cabinet level CTO position.  

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CITE is proud to partner with the K-12 High Speed Network (K12HSN) on the Technical Assistance and Professional Development Project (TAPD).  This program targets IT Professionals and other LEA staff for no-cost training and tools in Network Management, Cybersecurity, Procurement, and Diagnostics. These opportunities are provided via both live events and online courses.

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CITE's membership consists of the IT Professionals supporting all of the technology being used in schools today. This is an ever-widening field and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) constantly struggle to support and enhance student learning with the effective use of technology as well as support the administrative processes and infrastructure requirements required for every institution. Effective and consistent training is difficult to maintain given the ever-changing technology landscape.

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We are developing Study Programs for various technical conferences. Stay tuned for more information.

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CITE is pleased to provide the CITE and Microsoft Strategic Alliance (CAMSA) program supported by SHI. This is a California statewide purchasing contract with Microsoft for the Educational Enrollment Solution (EES) program. This contract can serve as a master purchasing vehicle for K-12 educational institutions in the state of California. Offering major discounts and simplifying the license purchase process, this consortium includes over 70% of LEAs in California who would not qualify for this type of pricing on their own.

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Recognizing the impact that Adobe services can have on learning and the ability to prepare students for success in a digital world, Adobe and CITE have partnered on a K-12 Enterprise Term Agreement (ETLA).

Today school districts struggle to incorporate required provisions on Student Data Privacy in their contracts with digital providers. Lack of legal resources and no access to compliant agreements are two reasons for this. California Education Code section 49073.1 has specific requirements for contracts with vendors working with student data and is meant to protect that data.

Also, the use of applications in the classroom is widespread and teachers need a way to determine whether an app is safe to use. The district needs to inventory and help maintain the applications used throughout the organization.

CITE developed the California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA) , a partnership with the Access 4 Learning Community's Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). CITE has joined this consortium on behalf all schools in the state of California.

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CITE/CUE Joint Ed Tech Review provides a unique blend of experience for school districts. CITE provides information, industry partnership, advocacy, and legal resources for; the IT Professionals working in schools. CITE is uniquely qualified to find IT Professionals to evaluate your organization’s infrastructure.

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