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CITE is proud to partner with Capitol Advisors Group (CAG) to provide meaningful, relevant information to our California legislators regarding the use of technology in schools. Members receive updates on current bills and new laws affecting schools. CITE visits California and Washington, D.C. legislators multiple times each year to advocate for the appropriate funding and support for technology used in schools.

We also partner with other associations when appropriate to provide a single voice for all appropriate stakeholders to help influence policy and legislation.

Who is my CA rep? Use this link to find your California representatives.

Who is my DC Rep? Use this link to find your US representatives.

What CA Bills are currently active? Use this link to get information about Senate and Assembly bills.

CAG Budget Workshop Resources 2020

Advocacy Library

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This library contains resources from Capitol Advisors Group (CAG).
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
05.13.20_-_CITE_-_ISP_Letter.pdf PDF (179.3 KB) Administration 5/15/2020
05.08.20_-_CITE_-_SB1130.pdf PDF (144.33 KB) Administration 5/15/2020
05.10.19_-_CETPA_-_AB_1303_Support_AsmAPPR.pdf PDF (273.55 KB) Administration 5/16/2019
05.10.19_-_CETPA_-_AB_48_Support_AsmAPPR.pdf PDF (272.38 KB) Administration 5/16/2019
05.10.19_-_CETPA_-_AB_39_Support_AsmAPPR.pdf PDF (182.99 KB) Administration 5/16/2019
School Bus Child Safety Alert Systems.docx DOCX (194.31 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
09.05.18 - CETPA - Form Gov Letter.docx DOCX (13.34 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
06.19.18 - ComCon - SB 822 Analysis.pdf PDF (272.37 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
SB 822 Fact Sheet.pdf PDF (291.84 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
04.09.18 - CETPA - Bills of Interest-abrev.pdf PDF (97.37 KB) Administration 9/23/2018