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Adobe Licensing Program



Recognizing the impact that Adobe solutions can have on learn ing and the ab ility to p repare stud e nts for su ccess in the d igital world, Adobe and CITE have partn ered on a K-12 En terprise Te rm Agreem en(ETLA) wh ich is a three-year term-based l icense agreemen t that m inimizes th e costs and complexit y of rolling out Adobe softw are d istrict-wide and maximizes investments in new technolog y.

The Ado be K-12 E T LA benefits for distri cts and/or l ocal education au thorities (LEA) include:

  • Universal access and equi ty Provides universal and equitable access to Adobe softwar e for administra t ors, teache rs, staff and s t udents through ou t the distri ct on instituti onally owned computers and within Labs and Classrooms for students
  • Home-use rights (now included) Provides ho m e-use rights to administra tors, teachers and st a ff using Adobe Named User License model
  • Streamlined purchasing and order management —Consolidates deploymen t un der an annual purchase orde r
  • Improved budget planning —Simplifies budget planning wit h a predictable annual licensing cost
  • Simplified compliance and version controlProvide s district- wide access to the la te st Adobe softwa r e
  • Flexible deployment —Supports multiple distribution option s


Agreement Details


School District provides FTE count (Full Time Equivalent):

Full-­time Teachers + (Part-­time Teachers / 3) + Full-­time Staff + (Part-­time Staff /2)

Note: Knowledge workers ONLY (Maintenance and Food Service not included)

Students not included in this formula.


$25.00 per FTE/annually

Agreement is for a three-year period, from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2021


District-wide coverage for Creative Cloud solutions including Acrobat Pro/DC. 

Faculty/Staff coverage under Adobe Named User Licenses & Students within Labs & Classrooms using Creative Cloud Desktop solutions. 


 One Annual Payment – Three Year Price Lock Contract


Faculty & Staff can install on up to two devices allowing for work-at-home access and mobility. 

Student Coverage within institution-owned machines in Labs & Classrooms using Desktop/Device Licensing.


 District has 750 FTE; District will pay Adobe $18,750 each August.



For more information, contact SHI or Adobe

Rich Hidalgo, (SHI-Software House International)
Public Sector, West Region - District Manager

SHI Team Line: 1-800-535-5210 


Kory Wood, Adobe Education Advisor (Adobe)

Mobile: 206-675-7677

Office: 800.866.8006 ext. 7677 (tel)

Adobe Library

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