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2019 Name Change

Technology is always changing, so why shouldn't we?

As the Board of Directors in 2019 began to contemplate the organization's 60th year in 2020, we had many deep conversations about our goals and direction for the future. We had seen the use of technology in schools grow into ubiquity, creating an even greater need for an organization like ours to focus fully on the IT Professionals supporting all that technology. We reviewed our competition and saw that no other organization was fully dedicated to IT.

We also had an increasing number of people misspelling our CETPA name. In addition, the term Educational Technology had become out dated, much like the term Data Processing in 2003 was out dated.

Our members told us to create more opportunity for people at all levels of IT. They wanted the regional groups to be supported and they wanted an effective way to communicate online. The new name and focus allows us to do that.


1.  Why is CETPA changing its name?

CETPA is changing its name to CITE to better reflect who our members are and to more clearly represent our focus to our partners and to the public.

2.  What does CITE mean?

CITE means California IT in Education.

3.  What was the process? Who decided on the change? Who picked the new name?

We hired a professional market research group, Sandstorm, who conducted interviews and a survey of membership, a competitive analysis and a brand evaluation. The Board of Directors decided on the change and picked the name after carefully reviewing all of the data.

4.  Did members vote?

No, we did not ask the members to vote. It is important to have an organization-wide view when decisions like this must be made. We know we won’t make 100% of members happy, but we believe this is the best way to stay relevant.

5.  What were the other options you explored?

We tried simply updating the logo but that didn’t seem right. We were constantly seeing our name misspelled and mispronounced. Trying to explain who we are by saying the name was difficult because the response was almost always “oh, so teachers?” So, we decided to hire a professional market research group to help us.

6.  How else/what else is CETPA changing?

We are completely rebranding over the next year with new logos and colors to make it a fresh, modern look. We will also be focusing on benefits for all members at all levels of IT in schools. More training, more networking opportunities, and hopefully more consortiums for buying power.

7.  Why IT in Education vs technology in Education or EdTech?

IT is the universal acronym and is highly recognizable. In addition, it reflects all levels, not just leadership. EdTech has changed into a term that reflects mostly the curriculum development area. This created the blurred lines of our focus. IT is clear and requires no further explanation.

8.  Why was the logo chosen?

We looked at several logos and chose this one to represent ongoing collaboration between members and partners. The image includes a reference to network cables, which further emphasizes our priorities. We wanted a color scheme that would stand out in the sea of blue and green logos currently being used by educational organizations.

9. Will the logo change from year to year? Will there continue to be a conference logo each year?

No, we hope to be able to use this logos for many years.

10. How do I explain CITE to my boss, Superintendent, colleagues?

CITE supports the work that IT Professionals in schools do by creating strong partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Apple and AWS to provide special pricing and training opportunities for all levels of IT. This support ultimately helps create a productive learning environment. Our revised mission statement is:

To lead, develop, and support technologists in education organizations to foster student success

11. Will the regional groups change their name, too?

Only if the name includes the CETPA acronym or if they chose to make a change. We will be redesigning the logo for all regional groups to use that will incorporate the new CITE logo.


12. How/where will I see the name change? Over what period of time will the name change?

We will be moving over to CITE throughout 2020. We expect to have the process complete by the 2020 Conference.

13. How is the name change being communicated to members? Education industry? Others/more broadly?

Members will receive an email, those at the conference will see the President’s report. We will also be sending out a press release, using social media, and we will be at many of the events in California and throughout the nation.

14. Will the change in name hurt membership? Will people still know how to find us/who we are/what we do?

We are confident that members will like the change. The website address will still point to us as we get the name out there throughout the year.

15. Will conference fees/annual dues go up?

We have no current plans to raise fees for membership.