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Lorrie Owens
President's Message by Lorrie Owens

When many people in K-12 think about leadership, their thoughts go immediately to the superintendent or the superintendent’s cabinet. The traditional idea is that one must have a title, or position, to exercise leadership within an agency... 

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Providing Esports Websites to K-12 Students
by Jeremy Davis

I want to initially give significant credit to Chris Santos (former Network Engineer in my former department who now works for SAIC) who did most of the work on this project and a significant majority of the technical write-up that we eventually turned into a white paper for the Samueli Foundation, the Orange County Department of Education, and University of California, Irvine...
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Lorrie Owens
Lead, Focus, Rethink, Abandon, Innovate
Executive Director’s Message by Andrea Bennett

This building is part of the Drucker Institute at the Claremont Colleges. Peter Drucker is considered a visionary for management education and is known as the “founder of modern management” (Wikipedia)...

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How One Microsoft-Centric District Embraced a Merge with the Google Ecosystem
by Matt Penner

Like many districts, at the Val Verde Unified School District (VVUSD) we were a tried and true Microsoft shop for years.  Like many districts, we built a culture of technical innovation and excellence with the traditional histories dating way back to Apple II’s and Macintoshes, with various change overs as time went by...

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Meet The New CAMSA Reseller
by Dave Tomke and Libbi Garrett

CETPA is pleased to announce that we have completed the RFP process for a new Licensing Solutions Provider (LSP) for the CAMSA Program (CETPA and Microsoft Strategic Alliance)...

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